The future of learning and upskilling

The future of learning and upskilling

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·Jun 30, 2021·

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Learning is a critical element for growth irrespective of the nature of work. With the boom of the internet, there is a plethora of information online to learn and upskill. In this age, where data is freely available, knowing where and what to learn to stay relevant becomes challenging. Statistics suggest that 40-80% of the students drop out of online classes because of a lack of interaction. Survey responses also suggested that 72% of the learners feel online courses helped them execute more effectively at their current job.

We understand the importance of learning and upskilling. We also understand the pain of learning in silos and help solve these problems by focusing on the following aspects :

  1. Focus on emerging skills: Egnite focuses on providing courses that are in high demand by consulting domain experts. The courses are intricately designed per the emerging job market and undergo frequent revisions. Students also get an opportunity to network and learn from industry experts who have expertise in the domain.

  2. Micro-Learning: Egnite focuses on peer-based learning. We strongly believe that interaction and collaboration are crucial factors in fruitful learning. Learning through each other's questions and explaining each other are crucial tools we incorporate to engage students and make the learning experience meaningful.

  3. Implement while learning : We feel that Engineering students dwell in the theory land with very little time to put what they have learned into practice. Studies suggest that enactment enhances memory and Egnite aims to solve the problem by empowering students to learn by doing. We have a group of industry experts who love to assist students in their learning journey.

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