Who is a good Software developer?

Who is a good Software developer?

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·Jun 29, 2021·

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This is the decade to be a software developer. As Satya Nadella says, every company is a software company. And we can see that with the explosion both in demand and remuneration for good software developer.

But who really is a good software developer and how to become one?

This is a loaded question and there is no good answer for it. I wanted to share how we at Egnite define it.

You are a good software if you have done 5-10 live projects, have github repo with lots of activities, and have a blog with lots of visitors/followers.

Not true.

Let me try and take a shot at defining a good software developer from the other side, from organization's perspective, who are looking to employee these software developer.

A true software developer should be

  1. able to work in teams
  2. pick-up stuff he has never done before and still deliver
  3. be able to demonstrate and explain his work to others
  4. ask the right questions at the right time

At Egnite our focus is to help students practice and demonstrate these concepts as they learn stuff. And as Seth Godin says, "the only way to learn stuff is by doing".

Stay tuned, for how we can help you become a good software developer.

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